You make your Own Lifestyle

I am one that truly believes your daily habits directly impact your lifestyle. I truly only realized that when I was still getting REALLY BAD breakouts at 20. Now I do know that it is completely normal to break out in your early 20’s but it really got me thinking that I really didn’t do anything to help the breakouts, maybe once a week I washed my face or did some kind of mask, but that was mostly just because I was having a bad day and wanted a “spa day.”

Since Wednesday I was trying to drum up something I could talk to you guys about this week and the more I racked my brain the less I knew what I was going to write about this week. Well, this morning when I woke up and began my morning routine, running about 15 minutes late, it hit me. I want to give you some of my daily lifestyle habits.

Now I do NOT always follow every single one of these things but I do make a true effort to make sure I do them more than twice a week. Living a healthier lifestyle, especially as a woman, is really hard in today’s society. We have so many beauty standards to live up to and so many body standards to live up to, it kills me. So I want to share my lifestyle habits with you today!

  1. Drink more water!! This one is so important for your health, especially for your skin. I always try to aim for 3 water bottles today and if I only get through 2, I don’t beat myself up, I just try harder the next day. Crystal Light helps!!
  2. Snack on some berries and almonds. My hair and nails are seriously beyond thankful I have begun doing this for myself.
  3. Wash your face, at least one time a day but aim for two! This is so important, you come in contact with so many greases and things that clog those pores all through your day!
  4. Have some me time for at least 30 minutes everyday. I like to spend my time reading, drinking some hot tea, or doing a face mask. Your body and mind will thank you for this.
  5. Once in a while take the time to spoil yourself. Buy those shoes, get your nails done, purchase that cup of coffee that’s $9 for a tall. Just enjoy yourself.
  6. Never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry. You are always going to end up with more junk food than healthy food if you do this.
  7. Try to sneak some leafy greens into your food twice a week. For me, this one is easy because I am always making Italian food, I put spinach in almost everything I eat for the good folic acids that it contains. 
  8. Drink tea just as often as you drink coffee, for me this can be difficult because I love coffee but tea has so many benefits it’s worth it.
  9. Don’t ever stop learning. The world is full of knowledge and so many unknown things. There is always something that is baffling to us, take the time to research and learn.
  10. This is one is completely a personal preference. Diffuse essential oils. To me they are beyond relaxing and I feel more at peace when they are going.


I hope that none of you feel like I am forcing these on you, but I want you all to be aware that your daily tasks determine who you are. So be mindful and act accordingly. I hope you can at least take one of these things and do it more often!


Thanks your ear today.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “You make your Own Lifestyle”

  1. that is small things that have big impact to our healthy. Many people prioritize it because prioritize on carrier. Then they are sorry for, after have bad healthy.

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  2. that is small things that have big impact to our healthy. Many people deprioritize it because prioritize on carrier. Then they are sorry for, after have bad healthy.


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