The Bees Neezzz

As I sit here reflecting on the very long Saturday I have had, I cannot help but to think of how perfect the title of this article is. Let me explain.

I woke up this morning instantly angry because I went to let my dogs out and to my surprise… they were already out of their kennels, or so it seems, never even put up in their kennels, so angrily I woke up my sleeping fiance to ask why they were never put up. He cleaned up the poop for me and let them out to eat. I proceeded to get a cup of coffee and get ready for work, still pretty upset. Coffee always makes everything better for me though.

My soon to be father-in-law was here visiting for the week and so I couldn’t seem as angry as I was. I went off to work not thinking of anything more than how upset I was that the evening before I specifically asked Nathanael to put the dogs in their kennels before he came to bed, as I do every night.

In the past week or so here in North Eastern Arkansas it has been fairly snowy and ice like, but today it was a nice 57 degrees outside. Who isn’t happy when it’s warm? So of course my attitude got better through the day, my soon to be F.I.L stopped by the dealership I work at to say bye (he was heading back to Dallas) and I walked him to his car, asking where his son was, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a wasp. It wasn’t anything significant at the time but it soon will be.

SOOOOOO fast forward about eight hours later my fiance and I are walking through the door of our house. Like our normal routine I let the dogs out and he goes to grab them food, we both heard a weird noise but think nothing of it believing it was our cat, continue giving them food and water, I dropped my purse on the couch and begin to walk in the kitchen and feed the cat. I walked into the living room to see Mufasa (my cat) batting at a wasp… hmm… it flew away and again, thought nothing of it. Once Nate walked inside there were two more wasps lurking around, for a total of three that we could visibly see.

He grabbed a towel and began to try to kill them and it seemed that every time he wounded one, another one came out of the wood works. We kinda freaked out. So, we put the dogs in the kennels and hopped in the car and drove to our local Wal-Mart. We called Terminex (we have a contract with them) to see if they have an emergency hotline so we could possibly get someone out to the house to help take care of the wasp infestation we have in our living room, but sadly there was no luck there. We ran inside and grabbed a twin pack of hornet and wasp killer and went back home. I was in no hurry to go inside but Nate went ahead inside and says there was about fifteen, FIFTEEN, wasps in our living room! Oh no, I would have walked right back outside. Once I came in I still seen about ten on top of the five or so we had previously killed before the Wal-Mart trip. We used the entire twin pack of killer and still had wasps in our house.

So once it was all said and done, we had killed over thirty wasps in our home… Long story short we are in our media room currently with the door closed and all three animals in here with us watching the fight on Showtime and scared for our well being. At this time we have still not walked into our living room… It has been about two hours.


I promise I will keep ya’ll updated

Thanks for your ear this crazy week,

TheWeeklyWhat– Natalie

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