Hello all! I am truly excited to be writing this blog for anyone who is reading, or listening. I have never wrote anything of the sort and this is completely out of my comfort zone, but what is life without a little cliff diving? I am from a small podunk, town in Indiana, then moved to a rather large, city in Texas (this is my favorite pace to be), and then once again moved to an itsy bitsy town in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas. Now… I have no problem living in this town because I have my family, my job, and some good friends but… for a 21 year old, small towns don’t always cut it! Luckily Memphis, TN is close to me because I absolutely love shopping! What girl doesn’t?? Well, I know plenty that do not but that’s okay, I am most definitely not one of those girls, I have a continuously growing closet and shoe collection (it is always going to be growing) and I do not feel bad in the slightest of ways. Reading has always been a passion of mine, anywhere from Fantasy to True Crime…recently True Crime has been my favorite… I am currently in the process of reading MindHunter by John E. Douglas, and I am always looking for a new good book to read. I personally love animals, I have two dogs, Lennox is my oldest, even though she is still a puppy, she is a 5 1/2 month old German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix with one blue eye and one brown eye. Lennox is absolutely full of energy and is hard to handle at times, but she is beyond lovable. Next I have my almost 3 month old Pit Bull, Zuko. He is my precious love of a boy, he is fat and has a squishy face that kills me every single time I see it, he is my much calmer pup. Last but certainly not least, I have a beautiful cat, Mufasa, he is beyond rotten but sweet as can be, he is a little over a year old and loves playing with his brother and sister, even though they will be SO MUCH larger than him in no time! I also love tea, coffee, and wine, but not in any specific order of the day! I’m pretty much an open book, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions!


Thanks for reading!

The Weekly What–Natalie