December 2017

I wasn’t quite sure how I could work this page, but I think I have decided that every month I will give you all an update of my month and what I am most thankful for.. We can roll with that for right now, right?

This entire year has been a whirlwind of things, mostly good, but some bad too! I started January off in Killeen, TX working at a Toyota Dealership selling cars, missing my boyfriend as he traveled time and time again for work. I enjoyed my job there but it most definitely was not for me… Around May I switched jobs to the other side of the I-190 to a Mazda store, and quickly succeeded, selling many cars for such a small store. Towards the end of May, I found out I was pregnant and was beyond excited and too happy to handle at times but unfortunately that happiness came to a halting end in early July when I miscarried my sweet angel. Today I would be 35 weeks pregnant, probably beyond ready to see the face of my sweet baby. I think of them every single day that goes by.

Quickly after the miscarriage Nate and I moved to Wynne, AR where we currently reside. It is a rather small town with absolutely nothing to do, buttttttt there are some places nearby that give us something to do when we aren’t working our butts off! In mid August we moved my mother and younger brother in with us to help them out for a little while and thats been kinda cray cray… I love them to death though.

Nate and I have also brought two pups into our home in addition to my cat and my mothers cat as well…. we have a pretty full home currently.

Now that I have caught you up to December of 2017, I will say this month has been pretty well out. I did find out I will be advancing in my job to Finance from Accounting and get to plan a trip to Iowa for my finance schooling for a long weekend!

Overall, 2017 has been good to me, but I am most definitely looking forward to 2018